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Couples who have lived together a long time have their own way of communicating.

A woman overheard her aunt and uncle one day, "What are you looking for in that closet?" she asked.

"Nothing," he snapped.

"Well, it's not in there. Look under the bed."

Bonus Joke:

A man's incessant remote-control channel-surfing was driving his wife nuts. "It really irks me when you flip through the channels like that," she said.

When he began to whistle, she snapped, "Now what are you doing?"

He answered, "I thought I should whistle while I irk."

Extra Bonus Joke:

A wife got up early one morning and did a couple of tasks in the kitchen. She was still feeling a little tired afterward, so she crawled back in to bed with her husband. He stirred and asked, "Is it time to get up?"

"No," replied the wife. "I just thought we could lie in bed."

"Hmmm, okay," he said.

He thought for a moment, then added, "I made five million dollars at my job just last month. OK, now your turn."

Extra Extra Bonus Joke:

A husband arrived home with an enormous dog to a very angry, exhausted wife surrounded by three small children.

He explained, "But I did consult you. You said a Great Dane was the last thing we needed around here."

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