Clinton Chooses Virginia Senator Kaine as Her Running Mate
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UW Track and Field adds Nine Recruits
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Today’s edition of the Joke of the Day is casting a vote against everyone running for office!

"You do your best work if you do a job that makes you happy."

~Bob Ross (1942 - 1995), Best of Joy of Painting, Winter Elegance
Paul Driessen Science or advocacy?

Wyoming law requires local governments to buy advertising for legal notices in newspapers that have a minimum circulation of 500 and are for sale to readers. Sublette County tried moving the legals to a free shopper, which the county estimated would save $20,000 a year. A judge has ruled against the county, saying that using the shopper did not comply with state law.   Should legal notices only be allowed in paid newspapers?

A coalition of Native American tribes has asked the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to transplant grizzly bears to appropriate habitats within reservations, rather than allow trophy hunting of the animals. Native Americans consider grizzlies to be sacred, and could transplant all of the bears that would be used for hunting. Game and Fish is considering the proposal.   Should grizzly bears in Wyoming be transplanted to reservations, or managed through hunting?

(WyomingNetwork does NOT represent this as a scientific poll.)
The governors of three states are calling for Congress to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, saying it would open up new markets for companies based in their states and be good for their local economies. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton oppose the agreement. Donald Trump says it would be bad for American workers, and Hillary Clinton says it would put too much power in the hands of corporations.   Should Congress ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

Yes, ratify the TPP

No, do not ratify the TPP

The National High School Finals Rodeo is held in different cities. For the past 10 years it has been held in Wyoming, including both Rock Springs and Gillette. Gillette is making a bid to become the permanent home of the Rodeo. Rock Springs would like it to continue rotating among various cities.  Should the National High School Finals Rodeo establish a permanent home in Gillette, or continue rotating among various cities?

Hold it in Gillette every year

Rotate the event among different cities


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